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Star Trail

Professional design development for 361 Degrees LLC

Star trail _ 1.jpg


To design a hollow midsole shoe in 361 Degree brand's 2021 SS running shoe matrix.

Price: 500 RMB

5Weisheng (David) Ye's 2022 Portfolio 10.jpg

Then I start sketching with the inspiration of the star trail.

Phase 1: Midsole Ideation

Goal 1: How could we utilize the hollow midsole structure to make the shoe feel and perform futuristic?

sketches 5.png

Phase 2: Upper Ideation

Goal 2: How could the shoe feel lighter for the runner to run in the summer?

sketches 6.png

Phase 3: Tech-pack

Finalized the details for developers to build prototype

Sketches 3.png

CNC prototype

Cushion structure

We had a lot of discussions about the construction.


In order to achieve the futuristic hollow midsole visual, we utilized our 361° QU!KFOAM midsole material to achieve lightness and comfort and inject molded EVA to add more support on the side.


Translucent Rubber Outsole

Injection molded EVA

( Support)

QU!KFOAM Supercritical Foaming Molding EVA

(Bouncy + delicate)


Injection molded EVA


First round sample

With the help of the running shoe team leader and the factory, we brought this version of cushioning and speed form to life.


Second round samples

Shout out to the running shoe team and color designer. With their support, the star trail got into 2nd round samples. But unfortunately, this project did not get into the market.

However, it's still a great experience to try out a new structure at work.

shoe in air.png

Appreciate Team's effort

Running team leader

Zhenhui for guidance through this project, and offering technical suggestions.


Running team member

Wenxu for helping modify the 2nd round samples.

Development team

Ma for bringing the sketch to the prototype.

Color team

Shu for developing the colorways in the second round

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