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MYNE Hotel Slide

Sustainable Material Experiment



How could we envision a sustainable way of offering environmental-friendly Hotel footwear in the future?

MYNE Sustainable Hotel Slide


Mycelium Block

Mycelium Leather


Grow naturally

MYNE drain.001.jpeg

Grooves for water to drain


Branded with sustainable hotel like 1 Hotel


How we envision the supply chain?


The Mycelium company cooperates with 1 hotel to provide MYNE slides for every traveler who booked the hotel. Our mycelium company grew mycelium and offers MYNE in different sizes. After MYNE slides are worn, they will be sent back to the degrading system. Nutritious soil would benefit plants in the lobby and for growing food for the restaurant.

How we see MYNE works for Hotel

M & M 3A Final.013.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.012.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.014.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.015.jpeg
MYNE process.059.jpeg

Mycelium cultivated Process

M & M 3A Final.021.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.020.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.022.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.023.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.033.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.037.jpeg
M & M 3A Final.038.jpeg
MYNE process.045.jpeg
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